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Internet Generated New Client Leads for the Legal Profession  
Increase Your Caseload Dramatically
Global Leads Solutions, Inc. is an online marketing firm specializing in the legal industry. We are committed to delivering the highest quality online marketing solutions in the industry, at the most affordable prices. We specifically deliver high quality case leads that are generated from our internet ads.

We can quickly help you increase your case intakes dramatically. Internet advertising, if done correctly, is extremely powerful, and it can trump yellow page ads, television ads, and other forms of advertising. It is not exaggerating to say that we can help your business grow to a point where business is booming! We help to expand client base for both attorneys and disability representatives.

NOSSCR Our leads are real people requesting a case evaluation.
social security disability leads Advertise in any geographic area in the United States.
social security disability leads Leads from the geographic area you target are exclusively yours.
social security disability leads Real-time Ad Response Reporting/Management System.
social security disability leads State Of The Art Web Software, responds to inquiries automatically.
NOSSCR Import leads directly into Prevail case management.
social security disability leads Reduce the cost of acquiring new clients.
NOSSCR Get an edge on other law firms in your area who are competing for new cases.

We can help you increase your case intakes dramatically!

We Deliver Results!

We email you internet generated inquiries from local people in your area who want your services and have searched for help in your practice area. We don't bill for clicks like a search engine. You are only billed if you receive a lead.

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