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Internet Generated New Client Leads for the Legal Profession  

Q How does your company get these leads?

A We specialize in internet marketing. All of our inquiries are generated from the internet. We have paid advertisements that run on many different search engines, including the big three: google, yahoo, and bing. Once our ad is clicked on, a web page is presented to the potential client that has a contact form that collects information that helps to determine if this person would fit the criteria for being a quality lead. A quality lead is considered to be a person that has a good chance of becoming a case intake for our attorney client.

Q How do you forward the leads to my law firm?

A The leads are emailed to a distribution list or posted to your CRM system immediately as the potential claimant submits the contact form on our landing page.  You specify the distribution list which could be just you or could include others at your law firm who will follow up on the lead.  You can also log into our real-time ad response and management system to view your leads, search for past leads, view report graphs, view billing information, etc.

Q Do you sell the same lead to more than one law firm?

A No! Only one attorney or law firm will be given a lead. The lead is yours and will not be sent to anyone else.

Q What options are there for targeting leads geographically?

A We can target leads by county, state, or nationally.

Q Is there a long term commitment or contract?

A No. You can decide to stop advertising at any time.

Q Can I start with a small trial basis?

A Yes.

Q What payment options do you have?

A We accept credit card payments and you can also mail us a check.

Q How does your billing work?

A We bill at the beginning of each month for the leads that were sent in the prior month.

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